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Case Study:

Travel Leaders

Print and editorial strategy

The brief

ӰPro previously published a customer magazine called Destination Vacation for Vacation.com, a consortium of 5,500 US travel agencies, before it was absorbed into the all-new Travel Leaders Network group in 2016. After the consolidation of Travel Leaders in 2016, the group wished to streamline its marketing efforts and bring together its separate magazines into a single communication tool.


Our approach

Our solution is Postcards, an award-winning custom travel magazine published quarterly exclusively for Travel Leaders Network. The 68-page perfect-bound magazine is distributed to 170,000 top travel customers in the US, delivering exciting editorial on today’s most popular destinations. Associates are also able to order extra bulk copies for cruise nights, trade shows and bridal fairs. A user-friendly online version is also emailed to one million travellers.

ʴDzٳhas combined the most successful elements of Travel Leaders’ previous magazines, and with the aid of the Travel Leaders Network team, adopts a refreshing editorial slant focusing on unique experiences and the local people that consumers might encounter on their travels. Special offers from the travel agencies represented by Travel Leaders Network are also included.

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Issues per Year

“Redesigning a travel publication from the ground up is a big job. From layout to content, fonts and imagery, the entire design scope is a task that can only be successful when done in a collaborative effort. The feedback from our agents and their consumers has been overwhelmingly positive.

The professional design, calls to action and enticing editorial pieces allow the customer to be immersed in the travel experience. Our agents love ʴDzٳand the fact that it brings consumers to their agencies seeking to book the travel plans featured in the publication.”

AnneMarie Dezso
Director of Strategic Marketing, Travel Leaders Network