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Case Study:

Sarawak Tourism

Multimedia content strategy

The brief

This strategic and far-reaching multimedia campaign was engineered in collaboration with Sarawak Tourism to promote the Malaysian state’s ecological diversity and cultural heritage, inspiring first-time travellers and repeat visitors through enticing content across video, digital and print.

Drawing on ӰPro’s multifaceted audience, building capacities and tapping into the readership of National Geographic Traveller (UK), the campaign not only delivered high-quality content for the client with impressive reach, but it also outperformed forecasted engagement metrics for key pieces of content.


Our approach

ӰPro’s branded content team went to work delivering on an ambitious editorial strategy, ensuring the content responded to the client’s brief and brand parameters while maintaining the style and integrity National Geographic Traveller (UK) is renowned for.

A 10-day shoot and tour of Sarawak ensued, consisting of an award-winning writer, photographer and prestigious three-person video team.

Together, they researched and produced six written stories with six unique videos for National Geographic Traveller (UK) and Food by National Geographic Traveller (UK)’s print and digital channels; two additional digital photo-led stories; and produced material for a targeted, traffic-driving campaign spanning social media, online banners, and newsletter sponsorship and spotlights.

Key figures


Social media impressions


Social media reach


Print readership


Digital page views


Total YouTube video views


Total YouTube reach

Our results

This campaign resonated deeply with its intended audience, delivering significant brand awareness. Analysing the user engagement across the campaign, it also demonstrated that both the desire and intent are there to book travel to Sarawak.

Among the captivating digital features, and had overwhelming traction, with average dwell times of more than four and five minutes respectively. Meanwhile, on social media, comments and saves soared on , with the article experiencing one of the highest click-through rates and 1,026,348 impressions. Audience favourites also included the sensational photo stories and

Engagement with the videos exceeded expectations, with an average viewing time of over a minute, 26% higher than the set KPI. Notable among the videos for their quality and impact are closely followed in performance by

Our efforts to illuminate Sarawak’s diverse tourism offering not only reached the set KPIs, but surpassed them, painting a clear picture of engaged consumers.