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News  /  9th November 2023

ĐÓ°ÉPro and The Independent embark on a new commercial collaboration  


ĐÓ°ÉPro and The Independent embark on a new commercial collaboration  

ĐÓ°ÉPro has officially launched The Independent Travel Marketplace, an initiative aimed at boosting advertising revenue while supplementing The Independent‘s existing advertising channels and agency-driven revenue model. 

Under this partnership, ĐÓ°ÉPro’s sales team will undertake the important task of pairing of digital ads with contextually relevant travel articles on , building on the recent revamp of its travel section. 

One of the pivotal changes, rolled out in July 2023, involves categorising content based on destinations and specific themes. This new-look travel section now acts as a comprehensive platform for readers, spanning everything from timeless travel inspiration to practical destination guides and breaking travel news — all curated by leading industry journalists including Simon Calder. 

Key features include: 

  1. Tailored ad positions: Brands now can position their adverts alongside relevant travel articles, offering enhanced relevance and engagement. 
  1. Guaranteed placements and impressions: Brands can expect assured placements backed by a commitment of 120,000 impressions over 12 weeks. 
  1. Adaptability: The project offers diverse media packages, allowing brands the flexibility to periodically refresh their adverts, maintaining a current and pertinent brand message.  

In summary, this collaboration between ĐÓ°ÉPro and The Independent offers a simple and beneficial advertising opportunity for clients looking to position their brands strategically in the travel sector.